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There are many questions that arise in the course of business on a daily basis. As your contracts partner we are familiar with the detailed nuances that are contained in contractual agreements. We help companies like yours, work through the challenges and arrive at an agreement that’s right for you and your business. Below are some of the typical questions we get asked on a regular basis. We welcome further discussions on these or other questions you may have about contracts.

  • Can Federal Contract Solutions work with small companies and start-ups?

Yes. We are here to help you draft and negotiate contracts, whether as a Prime Contractor to the Federal Government, or as a sub-contractor to a Prime. In addition, we offer contract assistance to commercial and manufacturing companies within the United States or to international firms needing our expertise.

  • When should I engage with Federal Contract Solutions?

As early in the contract process as possible. The ideal would be to have you talk with us as soon as you make a determination that you will need a product from a vendor, intend to sell to a customer, engage a manufacturers rep., distributor, or the like. We understand that this might not always happen and we are amenable to working with you to assist in obtaining the best result.

  • I am thinking of exporting my products and software. What are some of the considerations I need to keep in mind as I begin this process?

Products or software that will be sold, transported, and/or installed internationally need to have proper legal documentation submitted in order to be in compliance. This includes products and services to companies north and south of our borders. Call us and we’ll help you understand the particulars about your industry. We can assist you with TAAs and MLAs, if needed.

  • Can Federal Contract Solutions assist me in developing internal policies for EAR, ITAR, and FOIA requests?

Yes. Please talk with us about this.

  • Can Federal Contract Solutions assist me with FOIA requests?

Yes. If you have obtained a FOIA request, we can discuss how to draft the letter and what needs to be disclosed.

  • Do I need a government approved cost accounting system?

No. You must have a system that can ascertain your costs broken down systematically and yes, you can use QuickBooks® for this.

  • I have a Request for Proposal that has a short turn-around time for response. It contains some terms and conditions that are unfamiliar to our executive team. How can FCS help us?

We can help in several ways. Give us a call or send us an e-mail request and we’ll get back to you in less than one day, if not sooner. Our goal is to understand your requirements and ensure a quick turnaround, so please talk with us as soon as possible.

  • We are interested in establishing a manufacturing site in another country. How would you advise us to start this process?

The best way to start is for us to get together as early on as possible in the initial development process. So let’s talk about your goals and objectives and discover the best process for your company.

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Federal Contract Solutions - Federal Contracts

Federal Contracts

Knowledge of FAR/DFARS and their supplements

Federal Contract Solutions - Commercial Contracts

Commercial Contracts

Our expertise includes Uniform Commercial Code

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Global Contracts

Our expertise includes Uniform Law on the Formation of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods